these dreams

'Nother dream last night.  Strange since I usually remember my dreams so rarely.

I was floating down a river with a galfriend in one fo those big yellow rafts, us laying down parallel to each other, our heads a little propped up.  I know Nathaniel is walking around the dry way, up in the rocky Moab-ish hills, which takes longer.  I was spending time with my galpal.  We float fairly quickly past a water-bottomed gorge--the river we're on feeling more like a themepark ride or a mountain road, set up higher, so we're looking down.  There, close to us at the start of the gorge (rock on the other side of us) are two people in a swan boat which is actually a very calm swan, getting ready to launch.  Further up is a blue motor boat with nobody in it, just floating along, and next to that passes a swam, much more active that the one with people on it, ruffling its feathers and all, and the same size as the motor boat, aka HUGE.  We pass that, me thinking that it was a bit odd, and then on our right appears an even bigger valley, basically a big plain with some grasses.  It ends with me feeling like we'll meet N soon.

I think there were more adventures that my galfriend and I had before the swans, but I don't remember them.

I think this dream was caused at least in part by my internal tension regarding how to allocate my time between friends, family, and N.  I'll work on it with time, I guess.

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