speaking of balloons

In my last artist post, I mentioned that do balloon work, which tends to be along the lines of silly hatsfunny animals, and weaponry, but I've done some bigger and more elaborate things too.

Inges Idee takes it to another level.  Piecewise construction is common to those that dabble in balloons, but Idee doesn't just use what's given him; he creates balloon-like forms that are kind of alive.

Take this balloonish creature for instance: holding a baby up in the air which elicits much more emotion than a simple twist tie balloon.  The difference is that there is gesture here and not just a figure's form.

I think there may actually be a person inside the balloon, but I can't tell, and I can't read his website well enough to figure it out (not in a language I can read).  Perhaps with further research I could determine it, but I kind of like leaving the mystery as-is.

He also covers other things in latex, like cars, and interior spaces, leading to really cool effects.


Jeff Kaufman said...

I think the artist is actually "Hans Hemmer" and "Inges Idee" is a group of artists or a foundation or something. You can see an english version of the website at

I'm pretty sure there's a person in the balloon:
There appear to be feet and hands. Blowing up a giant baloon from the inside would be possible, as would having two people do it. You're kind of limited by the air in the balloon, though, and the person on the inside should probably have a knife.

ajb said...

That makes sense. I guess I just assume individual artist until I stumble upon info to the contrary. My bad.