snow silliness

There's been plenty of snow in our first year in NJ and it looks like that's finally it for now.  We've had fun digging out our car and making all sorts of things out of snow.

Starting the end of winter break, N and I started taking regular strolls and play in the snow.  We started on an ice volcano (a.k.a. palace) and built up its walls until they closed together in a peak.   At its best, it was three feet tall or so.  I spent an hour on another snow project--a life-size sculpture of a woman--which toppled just as it started to look good.  Later, we made a lumpy igloo for two, which we had fun destroying when it started to melt and collapse.

The remaining snow is melting in fits and starts, but it has passed both its prime and the most dangerously icy days.  Spring is a bit far still, but I look forward to it.

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