little moment of compulsion #1*

N and I buy plain white printer paper by the box.  We use it for everything from grocery lists to problem sets; I'll spare you the enumeration.  At any given time, we have one ream open at home, sitting on a shelf somewhere.  When N opens a new ream, he rips it open like kid opening a present, which makes me twitch a little because we tend to keep it in the packaging as we use it up.  On the other hand, I open them up like someone's great aunt who is going to re-use the wrapping paper.  I wouldn't blame him if he twitched back.

We finished up a ream this week, and I was the one to need paper first, so I got to open the next one.  Not only did I carefully unstick the glue, I decided that I needed to tuck the flaps back in so that the opening of the packaging was flush with the paper itself; usually we just leave them to stick out.  Tucking them in is so much cleaner.  To do so, you have to separate the overhang into four sections, one for each side.  I almost whipped out a pair of scissors to help me do this, be decided that that would be going too far.

*This obviously wasn't my first compulsive moment of all time, but I felt like has the potential for a series of posts.

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Rachael said...

if i were to log my compulsive moments from just one day, i guarantee i would be locked up. GUARANTEED.