buyer's itch

Every few months, I itch to own a house.  I'll look at places online, intentionally walk through neighborhoods with for-sale signs, or have long chats with my mom, real estate lawyer extraordinaire.   We aren't actually buying a place any time soon, but I like to dream.  So, I'm glad the NYT made a buy or rent calculator.  It's like a soothing cream for my itch.  (I just hope they keep it online for a long time.)


Petra said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with the itch (we could have a dog! or a garden! or paint the walls wacky colors!)...but that NYT calculator is sometimes just depressing. Buying, apparently, is never better than renting around here.

ajbc said...

Same for where we live--pretty much never better to buy. I can't tell you the last time I lived in a place with non white/offwhite walls. Oh wait, I can: it was my parents' home 8 years ago. Luckily our apartment complex has garden plots, which brings to mind a tangent: why do so few apartments have garden-able area? Dirt's everywhere, guys.