little moment of compulsion #3

I have a mild obsession with discrete foods: rice, beans, pasta, nuts, and most recently chia seeds (specifically, used this way).  In general, I like to clear my plate, but with discrete food, I like that I can eat every single piece.  It bothers me when a grain of rice gets split in half, or a piece of nut gets chipped off (unless I'm intentionally crushing them), because then it reminds me that they aren't actually discrete.

As I child, Twizzlers Pull-n-peel was one of my favorite candies.  I would carefully separate each string and divy it up between my Beanie Babies (I'm starting to feel the old).  And then I'd get all 7-years-of-plenty and 7-years-of-famine on them (yes, those are now a verbs), and devour everything in a systematic fashion, roleplaying various food-storing scenarios.  Ah, childhood.

Now, I just eat all my rice.  This new chia seed nonsense is particularly satisfying because the seeds don't really get split up or broken--I haven't seen any instances of it yet, at least.  Perhaps I've found my (near) perfectly discrete food.

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