buttercups at Valley Forge

I spent last night in an angsty range against my bike as I tried to fix it up after a winter of dormancy.  It looks nice and works well now, but there are still some grease streaks on our kitchen floor.

It was worth it because this morning nwc and I biked through the Valley Forge Historical Park in Pennsylvania. I wish I had taken my camera, because the views were lovely: rolling fields dotted with buttercups and a crisp blue sky.  We punctuated our ride by reading the historical descriptions along the way.  I chased frogs with leopard-like speckles and nwc wore a medium blue shirt which from a distance made him look like a piece of the sky floating along the road.

We're going to try to go someplace new at least every other weekend this summer; there's so much around here that we haven't seen.  I'm plotting a day trip into Philadelphia for our next adventure.  For that, I'll remember my camera.

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