blaze daze

I spent seven hours outdoors today, which was absolutely incredible.  The weather was perfect--it was sunny and in the low 80s--and I thoroughly enjoyed everything I did.

The first patch was a four hour stint up in Hopewell: I fed sheep, bathed a cow, and groomed a horse.  There was also a good amount of walking, talking with and listening to the shepherdess, chasing after/playing with a young (3? 4?) kid, and petting the animals.  I learned a lot; when a cow licks its hide, it looks like a cowlick!  One blunder I made was mistaking straw for hay...sheep don't like to eat straw.  Now I know.  I also learned about the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, which I sadly can't attend this year.

After a brief interlude for some grocery shopping and lunch, I went to work in my new garden plot!  It took forever to get the fence halfway around the rectangle, and I ended up with a mild sunburn.  Hopefully I'll be able to finish the fencing tomorrow and plant my greenlings the day after that.  Yay garden!

I am drained right now.  Seven hours in the sun mid-summer wouldn't pull quite a number on me, but to go from indoor-all-the-time mode to this jarred me some.  To give me a boost, N treated me to Chipotle.  So here I sit in the cool of the evening, my four layers of muck scrubbed off and full of yum.  Can I do it again tomorrow?

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