separating almondliciousness

I've alway been an almond fan, at least as long as I can remember.  Recently, I've been on an almond milk kick, drinking oodles of it, and so I decided to try and make my own, going basically off this recipe.  The almonds I used were on the older side, and I was accidentally a little heavy handed with the vanilla, so it's hard to tell how it turned out because the vanilla is too strong.  All in all, not as good as commercial almond milk, but it was good enough that I'd like to try another pass with a steadier hand and fresher almonds.

I'm drying out the solids now, and I'll use them for baking.  I like it when I can process a food into two (or more) parts and then use each of the components for different things.  I do it with egg yokes/whites all the time, and I have an itching to learn more about the uses for whey...

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