biking in skirts

Now that summer's heat is in full force, I enjoy wearing skirts pretty much every day.  The only problem is in biking to work: my bike has no guards on the wheels or gears.  The last time I tried biking in a skirt, the skirt got caught in the back wheel and was reduced to scrap material.

I didn't want to change my bike at all and barring that, most of the online solutions for biking in skirts deal with skirts that just make it over the knee.  Unfortunately, most of my skirts are pretty solidly mid-calf and below, which is to say I'm worried about the skirt getting caught and not about modesty.

I've biked in aladdin pants that tuck in below the knee, and those worked fine, so I decided to try a method where I temporarily tie the skirt together between my knees with a hairband.  I gave it a first shot today with a skirt that came a few inches above the ankle and it worked really well: my knees were covered and nothing got caught.  Nobody gave me funny looks, even.  I'll have to try a few more lengths, but this might be my solution.


Jeff Kaufman said...

Have you considered a skirt guard and an enclosed chain case? Possibly making them ourself?

ajbc said...

I have considered it, but I do use my bike for sport occasionally, so I'd want to be able to easily remove any additions. I also don't want to spend any money on a solution. ...I guess my theory is that if this works, why make things more complicated?

Have you constructed a skirt guard or chain case before? Do you know anyone that uses them?